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3 Pakistani Actresses, 2 Actors Nominated For Attractive Faces Of The World

This year 3 Pakistani actresses and 2 actors have been nominated for the global list of beautiful faces of the world.

The Independent Critics and TC Kendall have released this year’s list of the world’s most beautiful faces.

The organization has been publishing a list of beautiful personalities every year since 1990. Like the last few years, Fawad Khan and Imran Abbas made a place in this year’s nomination list. The list of nominees is announced at the beginning of each year, while the winners are announced at the end of the year.

Pakistani actresses nominated this year for the list of the world’s most beautiful personalities include Aiza Khan, Sajjal Ali, and Neelam Munir.

Sharing a picture of Aiza Khan on her official Instagram account, the caption said, “Congratulations to these beautiful people for being officially named in the list of 100 most attractive faces of 2022.”

After this interesting news about Pakistani actors came to light, their fans congratulated their favorite stars on being nominated for the global list of the most beautiful faces.

It should be noted that Aiza Khan and Sajjal Ali were also nominated in the list of 2021 Beautiful Faces with Mahira Khan last year.

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