Aqib Shaka An Amazing Hidden Talent In Pakistan


Aqib Shaka is an aspiring singer who has a deep love for music, especially classical music. Music is something that inspires him to experiment with creativity, thoughts, and experiences. It is the most reliable and wholesome channel for him to express his feelings and mood. Most importantly it makes him be himself. Aqib’s love for music is undying and it would not be wrong to call himself a melomaniac.


Aqib always had a passion for learning music. Despite not having studied music in depth, He is familiar with the basics. He has been rapping freestyle for a while now. He tried writing a few songs in addition to rapping. Apart from music, Aqib enjoys spending his leisure time learning new aspects and the latest trends in Graphic Designing. He has been working as a professional Graphic Designer for more than two years now. He has worked with multiple national brands such as Wateen, Alfalah Insurance, Hadeed, and so on. He also had opportunities to work for international clients via Freelancing sites. Singing live in Inter-University competitions with appreciative remarks from judges and distinctive positions has reinforced his passion for becoming a professional singer. He is highly motivated to improve his weak areas in music to live his passion.

YouTube Channel

His YouTube channel, where he posts his music videos, is currently active. Although there are not many subscribers to the channel right now, a few collaborations will undoubtedly serve the goal. Interestingly, He’s the one who composes and edits the majority of the videos. He has been posting the songs he wrote and sing on TIKTOK in addition to his YouTube channel. On this account, He have a sizable following and is getting supportive comments too.

Love For Music

In the beginning, his love for music was nurtured by the kings of classical music i.e. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan. But after exploring music more, He got moved by contemporary music genres as well. The contemporary singers he is quite impressed by are Atif Aslam, Sidhu Moose Wala, and Shubh a few to name. 

Fitness And Enthusiasm

He would certainly love to label himself as a fitness freak. To keep his body in form, He does sports. His favorite sport is badminton. He is a professional badminton player who has won several competitions and has played at the national level too.

On the whole, He defines himself as a passionate and determined learner who dares dream high and has all the courage to make them come true.

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