Coworking Spaces – The Future of Working Environments

The facts state that, Coworking Spaces are the Future of Working Environments

The average coworking spaces serve at least 83-100 members, with more than 90% of the members who feel more confident to work in a coexisting environment. The different offices and people bring diversity in the people and their working methods. This in-short increases creativity and innovation. Moreover, around only 30% of people prefer working in normal work hours.

The studies show that the diversity in workspaces is largely dependent upon the youngsters. The phenomenon of coworking depends on young entrepreneurs and startups. Subsequently, around 78% of coworkers are under the age of 40. Similarly, coworking in Lahore has been similar as COLABS serve more than 500 members and 75 organizations within their walls.

The events initiated by the coworking spaces have been immensely increased every year. This is due to the increase in trends of coworking in major cities around the world. Creating a balance it also gives the members a healthier working experience as per the 70% people working in a coworking office space.

With separate meeting spaces and board rooms and other major facilities, coworking spaces have taken over the general idea of working traditionally. Furthermore, large and small organizations are very much interested in coworking environments.


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