Media played an important role for Pakistani News

Media played an important role for Pakistani News

As Pakistan continues to progress, so does the role of media in Pakistani News. It is vital to appreciate this role in different elements from the time of Independence to date. This role has continued to thrive in a way that both positives and negatives have had their own certain spaces and continued to co-exist when it came down to Pakistani news.

We can by no means deny the fact of how it has evolved over the years from a single state-owned television channel and radio to now running dozens of private ones featuring all sorts of genres. All throughout the years, media has continued to play an important role in the disseminating of information as well as having the nation huddled together in times of need. The commentary on the media of today would perhaps be incomplete without acknowledging and appreciating the journey it undertook to have reached today.

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Pakistani News In The Modern Days

From English and Urdu Dailies to Quaid e Azam’s very own Dawn, it has indeed been a long way for Pakistani News media. Then coming to date Nawa e Waqt by Maulana Abul Karim Azad and Jang by Mir Khalil ur Rehman have been used as mediums to voice the propagandas and happenings of all across the nation. At a time when finances were limited, these continued to thrive and made it to where they are today. However, digital websites like TheCurrent are changing the dynamics of mainstream news reporting in Pakistan. Pakistani News deliverance has been enhanced with compelling content curated by such websites. For an instance, the Economy of Pakistan is perfectly anatomized by a modern digital media website, such as Website

In Pakistan, media has managed to play both a positive and negative role in the world of News, so as to shape the newer generations in ways more than one. From trends to cultures to happenings all over the nation, everything is now on the click of the screen and there is possibly nothing that can happen to go unnoticed. However, for a few Pakistanis, this role of media somehow happens to also become a cause of concern because, at the end of the day, the rural-urban divide still has the older generations in control and the variance in mindsets continues to widen it.


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