MIAN EJAZ ANWAR – Managing Partner of Zaitoon

Mian Ejaz Anwar is the Managing Partner of Zaitoon. Zaitoon set foot in the real estate market more than 30 years prior, to advance new patterns. Presently for the administration to work productively, a persevering and devoted pioneer is required. That, yet a pioneer should likewise realize how to guide the staff, give assets to them and rouse representatives to arrive at a beneficial result. In the present changing partnership, it is the most significant nature of a decent pioneer is to have a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Harnessing life towards progress is an all-around characterized sculpture of the strong head. Mian Ejaz Anwar the Managing Partner of Zaitoon, having every one of these qualities is perhaps the best head.
He is exceptionally formed, smart and charmed; either it’s an official collaboration or an individual one. He is merciful while commending achievement or tending to difficulties. He rouses as well as values his laborers for their highminded work.
Because of his devotion towards the work, Zaitoon has arrived at elevated levels of progress. Mian Ejaz Anwar remained steadfast and firm for his dreams and rose as a visionary for Zaitoon. During this time, he never lost the unmistakable marvel kid vibe he had. The manner in which he stepped on the stepping stool of accomplishment due to his assurance is excellent. Mian Ejaz Anwar is one of the best and best business visionaries of Pakistan, A visionary for Zaitoon. His most extreme assurance for serving the individuals through Real-Estate sector is respected. Everybody looks towards Mian Ejaz as a good example of achievement and assurance.


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