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Sab’s Food Heaven by the best chef Sabahat Zaman!

New Best Chef in the town!
Sabahat Zaman is one of the most renowned chefs of Pakistan with a fan following over 65k has been continuing her passion of cooking for almost 25 years.

It is said that she has been experimenting with hundreds of spices and techniques in the kitchen. Being a chef is not only about stepping into the kitchen with your apron and knives but its about calculation of spices, improvisation and many other aspects of cooking.

Here are the 8 Secrets of Sabahat Zaman in the Kitchen:

Today Sabahat Zaman has something very useful to share with us. Let’s see what special she has discovered based on her 25 years of experience.
Sign of the best chef is to first ensure that the food is properly cooked and garnished beautifully before the final serve. Distribution of time for specific dish to ensure what dish should be cooked on high flame and for how much time is an art which Sabahat does best.

1- Freshly Ground (dry) Coriander should be used:

Freshly ground coriander can really add up to the taste buds of pizzas. It helps in making your gravy thicker, also gives a perfect aroma to your taste buds.

2- Always use fresh vegetables:

Sabahat makes sure that all the vegetables should be fresh before putting on the flame. She says that this could either make or break a perfectly normal meal. Please put in that tiny little extra effort and this will take you a long way!

3- Use fine cuts of meat for specific dishes:

Making cuts to the meat is an art not everyone can do but it does have a lot of benefits in making your dish perfect. We often think margination or cutting the meat before wouldn’t affect the taste but we’re wrong
According to Sabahat, it effects in cooking the meat perfectly. It is important to know where the different kinds of pieces come from and it’s also very important to know when to and how to use them in your dish.

4- Never leave the kitchen while cooking:

No chef wants to see their food getting burnt or overcooked. This is our biggest nightmare. Believe it or not cooking takes a lot of energy, mental and physical. To prevent this from happening it’s best to stay in the kitchen until you’re done. Better safe than sorry.

5- Use Sharp knives for cooking (with the right safety measures)

Use sharp knives for cutting the essential food items, meat, veggies, chicken etc.
Keeping in mind how dangerous it can be specially for the kids.
Sabahat says “As a mom myself I like to be extra careful. But this could also come in pretty handy, especially if you know you’re going to be cooking very often, I urge you to invest into a better-quality knife. This would save your time and energy, both.”

6- Always keep your Kitchen clean:

If our workplace is not clean, we can never focus on something properly. It makes us lack attention and eventually results in a burnt meal. So according to Sabahat a clean and well-rounded and loaded workspace leads to a better experience in general, not only that but it also prevents lack of interest.

7- You should have ingredients ready before cooking:

This will make your cooking experience much easy and comfortable. And comfort matters, especially in the kitchen. To have all the ingredients within your reach before you start is a blessing.

8- Keep your Kitchen Clean!

It’s true that a chef is judged by the kitchen he keeps. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is. A kitchen speaks volumes, you can really tell a lot about a person just by looking at where they cook, especially if they’re really passionate about it, every person has different taste, not just in food but in their workspaces as well, how they’ve organized and decorated it really matters.

Her Youtube page goes by the name “Sab’s Food Heaven”

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