Pelican Mall DHA Bahawalpur: Ideal Amenities

A shopping mall that serves as a high-end shopping experience with the help of international standard amenities, Pelican Mall in DHA Bahawalpur. The top-notch facilities and services at the pelican mall help it to stand out from the rest of the malls.
The international standard amenities at the Pelican Mall in DHA Bahawalpur include:

High-end Retail Mall shops

Pelican Mall takes pride in serving typically high-end retail mall shops in Bahawalpur for businesses. It includes all top luxury brands. Exclusive merchandise, personalized services, and high-quality products are provided to the customers at the pelican mall.

Top Notch Hotel Rooms Access

Pelican Mall in DHA Bahawalpur is coupled with the Swiss International Hotel and Resort. The hotel rooms and amenities are managed by Swiss management. With top-notch luxury hotel rooms in the mall area are ideal for businesses and visitors in Bahawalpur.

Hotel Rooms in Pelican Mall DHA Bahawalpur

Luxury Cinemas

Advanced audio and video technology paired with luxurious sitting arrangements is provided at the Pelican Mall. If you want an immersive movie-watching experience then the high-tech cinemas at the Pelican Mall are the right place to be at. The VIP lounges and private theatres further add to the luxury.

Fine Dining Restaurants

The dining restaurants at the pelican mall serve signature dishes and gourmet cuisine. The sophisticated ambiance of these restaurants helps to provide an experience that goes above and beyond all luxuries.

Parking Facilities

The ample parking space that the Pelican mall provides adds to the comfort of the people who visit it. The reserved parking and VIP customer service make it easier for people to visit it. It is a well-lit and secure parking area that is easily accessible.

Pelican Mall Aeriel View


Pelican mall also offers luxurious amenities that include spa, fitness-related facilities, galleries, wellness centers, and different types of entertainment areas. I give an overall look at the Pelican Mall, it is believed to be the best mall in Bahawalpur. The international standard of amenities that provide luxurious and exclusive shopping experiences caters to the needs of their customers to a level that they become highly satisfied.

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