Abdul Ahad – The Famous Comical Tiktoker

Since Tiktok has been quite a bit of talk for the young generation and even the older generations, let’s talk about one of the most famous tiktokers of Pakistan. Well, famous, is not always about the number of people that follow you but the number of people that love you. For Abdul Ahad aka Muserft.ahad on Tiktok, this fact is applicable. Loved by Thousands and Admired by many, the tiktoker creates aesthetic and funny TikToks. Mixing the essence of aestheticness with the cuteness of his siblings or cousins, make it more comical and loved.

The Dapper Tiktoker

The TikTok star from Lahore has had some videos with the magical background of GCU alongside some of the other famous tiktokers as well. The classy slim look makes him appear as one of the most featuristic tiktokers we have seen. The videos are generally funny or collabs. Well, the all-time jovial mood of Abdul Ahad makes him the finest choice as a friend or a collaborator. 19 years old light-hearted has managed his success and fame beautifully, being totally down to Earth.


I really miss college days 🥺😭 plus Naan was too hot, mera muh saar gaya tha 😂 #drafts #gcu #fyp #viral #sanahad

♬ original sound – muserft.ahad

Abdul Ahad has shown that determination and perseverance can lead to your dreams. He has explained this really well through his success. Let’s have a look at some of his photos from Instagram and some of his most admired and loved Tiktoks…

Abdul Ahad

We wish the best future to the cheerful TikToker. We all love him as much as he loves his Co-Stars…😅


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