Nadeem Mubarak Nani Wala – The Most Loved TikToker

Throughout the span of two or three months, Nadeem Mubarak aka Nadeem Nani Wala turned out to be fiercely well known in Pakistan for his amazing content on the platform. The TikToker is considered to be one of the chief celebrated and cherished TikToker in Pakistan. Having 8 million followers on Tiktok and 0.86 million supporters on Instagram Nadeem Nani Wala is continuously winning hearts.

Nadeem Mubarak known as Nadeem Nani Wala

When in 2019, he started his TikTok journey. He started making videos with his grandmother (Nani). Without her knowing and getting a renowned reason for his content with his grandma, the TikToker got the eminence and was known as ‘Nadeem Nani Wala’. The TikToker Nadeem Mubarak and his Nani are still loved by his fans and praised by them on their love.

Nadeem Mubarak Nani Wala

iPhone Giveaways

Nadeem Mubarak Nani Wala

We all know the iPhone giveaways conducted by Nadeem Mubarak aka Nadeem Nani Wala. He has started the giveaways because people teased phollu explanation for his mobile device. After watching his great content Nadeem Nani Wala gave an iPhone to Phollu. From this, he started making a gift of iPhones to his fellow TikTokers and fans. He is now one of the most loved TikTokers of Pakistan.

Also he’s considered to be the most important giveaway organizer of iPhones in Pakistan. From influencing people through his content to making a power effect of support for his fellow Tiktokers, Nadeem Nani Wala is setting the bar real high.

Popularity of Nadeem Nani Wala

As his fame made Nadeem Mubarak the most dynamic content maker on the platform, he carried more into the standard on YouTube with his song, released before the end of last year. The song now has 13 Million views on YouTube in the wake of moving on Pakistani outlines for quite a while. The tune ‘Charming Jehi Look’ by the TikToker is a treat for the audience.


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